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Layering Lighting 101

Layering Lighting 101

With so many different brands and types of lighting fixtures available to choose from, it's important to have a basic understanding of lighting design when starting your project.

There are three basic categories of lighting when designing an interior space:

Ambient Lighting

The general lighting that you use to illuminate the entire room. This may be the LED disks or the flush mount fixtures in your hallway. Ambient lighting serves as the foundation layer to build upon.

Accent Lighting

Lighting used to highlight specific areas or elements of your room. This may be a chandelier in your living room or a linear fixture over the bar. Accent lighting is is considered decorative, take note of how different fixtures and placement affect the feeling of your space!

Task Lighting

Certain activities require additional lighting, think the lamp on your desk or the vanity above your bathroom mirror.


Now all you need is your creativity, and the right lighting partner!

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